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My job as a creative leader, is to cause good work, and to inspire action.


2016 eCommerce predictions – whats in it, for me?

31st December 2015 By renee


Tis the season for many 2016 eCommerce predictions. Here’s my take on my favs (that I lovingly curated and uncovered from smarter folks than me.) Both as a consumer and marketer, its what you might expect to make a top five list, however totally exciting stuff, just the same.

Read more…

Digital Natives About to Flex Fiscal Muscles

29th December 2015 By renee


Shaking off the superfluous label: “Millennials,” but rather people who have never been without the internet (a.k.a. Digitally Native,) are now aging into their optimal spending years. So get ready.  Read more…

Creative answers to commercial questions

3rd June 2015 By renee


I’m a rare bird: a creative that loves to take on challenges using the left half of my brain as much as the right. So when the opportunity to attend this year’s C2 Conference in Montreal Read more…