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“I like good ideas, but I love the bad ones.”


  • It’s this fear of sucking, that unfortunately dooms many. However, ironically, its a similar notion of “failing forward,” that allows extraordinary things to happen.

    Michael Jordan missed over 9,000 shots and lost over 300 games before he started winning. James Dyson had over 5,000 failed prototype vacuum designs before creating the successful Cyclone technology. Albert Einstein couldn’t read until he was eleven, only to later win the Noble Prize in Modern Physics.

    I’m committed to the effort of never giving up. And always making the work better.

    To quote another bugger who says it better than me:
    “Go on failing. Go on. Only next time, try to fail better.”
    – Samuel Beckett

  • We are in the middle of an “engagement society.” Its no longer just about channels, an audience and a campaign. In fact, everything is a channel; so instead its about real connections in every facet of our lives – physically, digitally and emotionally.

    As marketers, we’re pivoting away from campaigns, and starting conversations. We’re turning those conversations into movements that matter to an individual, (not the masses.) And how you get people to join the conversation (or let us join theirs,) is first to understand what matters to them, second, communicate in a relevant way, and finally, and most importantly, provide a positive, memorable experience.

  • People who ask me to make the logo bigger

  • Where the work happens

    • SVP Executive Creative Director | Moxie (Publicis/Zenith) | 2014 – Present
    • VP Group Creative Director | Moxie (Publicis/Zenith) | 2013 – 2014
    • VP Creative – Creative Director | DraftFCB – HG | 2006 – 2013
    • Creative Director | taytum | 2002 – 2006
    • Art Director | Advertising Concepts | 1999 – 2002
    • Freelance | Jay Ray PR, Edelman Design, Wizards of the Coast, Ceebs Imagineering

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  • Where I first learned what words like: “kern,” meant

    • Academy of Art, San Francisco, CA
    • Art Institute of Seattle, Seattle WA

  • Places like-minded people come together

    • National Association for Professional Women – “Woman of the year ’13”
    • 3% Conference – Speaker and host Atlanta Minicon ’14
    • Media Post – Speaker at Internet week at New York – ’15
    • SXSW – Speaker “Journalism vs. Journaling” and Mentor in “Speed Mentoring” session ‘15
    • Social Media Club Seattle
    • Seattle Digital Media Group
    • Creative Directors Association